Affordable Chef Knives: A Short Buying Guide

Affordable Chef Knives
Affordable Chef Knives

We all know that chef knives are the soul of the kitchen. A knife can help you get the perfect cut or ruin the way you quarter a watermelon. Buying a chef knife is one of the most important upgrades for your kitchen. In this article we are going to tell you what to look for when searching for an affordable professional knife.

Fortunately, to make things easier for you, has compiled a top 10 list of the best affordable chef knives this year. All knives are under $50 and do their job exquisitely without sacrificing quality over the price. Check the linked article for the pros and cons of each chef knife on the list, along with extensive info on their design, usability, quality, and performance.

Now, let’s see what you should be looking for when you plan to purchase a great chef knife.

The Size

The knife’s size is the most important thing to look at when you buy a chef knife. First of all, chef knives are big and a bit bulky. However, you will see that you don’t need a knife with a blade longer than 8 inches. There are many 12-inch blade knives out there, but they are better suited for professional chefs. For us common people who simply love to cook, a 10-inch or an 8-inch blade knife is the best option.

The Weight

Another important thing to check before you purchase a knife is its weight. If you are going to spend a lot of time using it, it is better to choose a heavier knife because it lets you get the job done faster and better than lighter knives. However, if you are going to use the chef knife once in a while, opt for light knives because they are more affordable and easier to use by beginners.

How the Knife Feels in Your Hand

While it is impossible to hold the knife in your hand when you shop online, this is an important step. After all, you need to feel comfortable while holding the knife since you will need to use it a lot. As we mentioned before, chef knives are a bit bulky, so you need to find one that has a good grip and it doesn’t easily slip from your hand.

Also, if it is too heavy or big for you, it is better to look for another one because your hand will get tired from holding it very fast. This could lead to delays in you cooking as you need to stop from time to time to rest your hand.

Does it Hold its Edge?

To put it in order words, will it remain sharp after using it for a while? As you might expect this is very important because you need a sharp knife to do all that cutting and slicing in no time. To ensure that the knife stays sharp, choose one whose blade is made from a material that can hold an extremely sharp edge for long, like carbon steel.

Full tang or Partial tang

The tang is the part of the blade which sticks to the handle. A knife with a full tang looks like the blade has been sandwiched between 2 pieces of handle. The partial tang is much more affordable and easier to find. Most manufacturers brag about the full tang, but the price is usually inflated without merit.

Both full tang and partial tang are great for chef knives. None of them are more durable than the other. You should better look for a knife that is sturdy instead of a knife with a full tang.

Don’t be Fooled by the Brand Name

If brands are important to you, then you should probably look for a Henckels, Shun, or a Global chef knife. Nevertheless, keep in mind that brands are often just that and don’t have a better quality than regular no-brand knives. Instead of purchasing an expensive knife from a renowned brand that doesn’t feel good in your hand, look for a no name one that feels better and is just as sharp.


Well, you can’t have it all, but when you are trying to figure out what knife to buy and you are facing two equally tempting options, go for the one that has good quality steel. This will ensure that your knife will resist for a long time while feel best in your hand.

These are the most important things you should look for before purchasing a chef knife. As we mentioned, don’t be fooled by the brand name or a full tang. Pick the knife that you are most comfortable with and that has great steel.

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