Automatic Coffee Packaging Machines

If you are looking for a packaging machine, which automatically weighs and fills bags with ground or whole bean coffee, then you are in the right place. Automatic scales are useful in companies, in which there is a need of packing coffee in bags in different sizes. The perfect machine offers you adjustable weight levels of the coffee bags and a decent speed – you don’t want to wait ages until one bag will be ready. Proven reliability is the key which will lead your company to success.

Think about the type of coffee you want to be packed – sometimes you can find a dedicated machine for ground or whole bean coffee. Within only a few seconds, your bag weighing 250 g will be ready to sell. All roastery or coffee shop owners who sell their own coffee blends should consider buying a decent machine which will weigh the proper amount of coffee and fill the bags. If you want to get to know which automatic scale is the best, read the following part of our article.

Automatic scales and coffee fillers

Depending on the kind of your business, you might need a different type of automatic packaging machine. If you run a small local business, you will not need the biggest machine that exists on the market. An automatic scale up to 1.500 g should be enough. More experienced or professional roasteries will need a bigger one – up to 3.000 g or 4.000 g. Many authorized dealerships offer an extended hopper for coffee which will be distributed into bags. Consider all the pros and cons and place an order.

Automatic scales and packaging machines are incredibly easy to use. The first step is to fill the hopper with the coffee of your choice. Enter the desired weight on the control panel. At this moment your contribution ends. An intelligent controller will prepare the right dose of coffee within a few seconds. When the bag is filled with aromatic beans, push the pedal to release the bag.

At this point you will also need a heat sealer – every bag must be properly closed. Otherwise the coffee might lose its aromas and quality. Make sure that the bags you have are made for professional coffee sellers – it means that it should have a small vent, so that the coffee beans can “breathe”. Horizontal heat sealers will automatically close the bag and put it in the right spot, so you can place another bag in the machine.

The process is incredibly easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time, which is a huge advantage. The production line will be optimized and automatized, so your customers will always receive the same amount of their favorite coffee. The reliability of such a machine plays a significant role here, because if your machine will distribute different amounts of coffee into the bags, the quality of your product might drop. In that case you should think about calling service. Authorized dealers guarantee at least a 24 months warranty, so you can ask and find out what is going on with the dispenser.

Which automatic weighing and packaging machine is the best?

One of the best, quite compact automatic scales is probably the one from Coffee Machines Sale. This particular automatic scale can pack coffee into bags from 10 g to 3.000 g. The total capacity of the top hopper is 25 kg (with the possibility of extension according to your needs). If you prefer selling ground coffee, instead of whole bean coffee, here is a precious information – this machine has Teflon coating, which will optimize the whole process. You can also use this automatic scale for products of different types – for example for herbs, cocoa or sunflower seeds. You can adjust the use of the machine to your personal needs. You will find this product here:

If you are looking for a professional set which will weigh, pack and seal your product, The Load Pack Seal Pro Set may wake your interests. What is included? First of all the automatic scale, which weighs coffee up to 1.500 g. A horizontal heat sealer F1000, automatic coffee beans loader, and table for heat sealer are also included. You will find this product here: