How to Season and Care for Your Tagines


    A step by step tutorial on how to season and care for your tagine. Or any untreated clay pot.


    • Your tagine
    • A bucket filled with room temperature water
    • Extra Virgin olive oil, as needed
    • Kitchen paper
    • An oven!


    1. First thing we do is soak the tagine in a bucket of room temperature water overnight.
    2. The next day, lose the water and leave the tagine to dry for a couple of minutes.
    3. Dip the kitchen towel in the olive oil and rub the tagine all over, completely with the oil. Make sure every last bit of the tagine is covered.
    4. Place the tagine in a cold oven, close the door, then turn the oven on to 150˚C (300˚F).
    5. “Bake” the oven for 2 hours.
    6. Turn the oven off and leave the tagine in the oven, with the door closed, until they’ve both cooled down. An hour should suffice.
    7. Now, coat the inside of the tagine with more olive oil and leave aside to dry and for the clay to absorb the oil.
    8. That’s it, store until needed.

    • Cuisine: North African