My Ramadan Recipes Cookbook – a 7 Day Meal Plan

I’ve just released my latest e-cookbook called “Ramadan Recipes – a 7 Day Meal Plan”! It can be used by anyone looking for a meal plan, not just for those who are fasting and most certainly a useful meal plan for any week. You’ll find it on Amazon in all countries; you don’t need a Kindle to buy it, just download a Kindle app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ramadan Recipes - a 7 Day Meal plan

You can get your hands on it in the next 5 minutes – just go to Amazon! Click on the links below for some of them. If your country isn’t listed here, just go to Amazon and do a search for “Ramadan Recipes – a 7 Day Meal Plan”. Just copy and paste! You might also want to visit my Amazon Author Page.

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Ramadan Recipes

What can you expect from Ramadan Recipes?

  • 7 breakfast type recipes for the early morning meal
  • 7 drink recipes for Iftar, the time to break fast
  • 7 sweet or savoury snack recipes for Iftar
  • 7 dinner recipes with accompanying carb, whether rice, pasta or couscous
  • 6 bonus Eid recipes
  • basic recipes like ras el hanout, white rice, stocks, etc
  • suggested fruit at the morning meal and evening one

A typical day looks like this:

Suhur (Sehri) – pre dawn meal



1 recipe

Iftar (Breaking Fast)

Dates and other fruit

A drink recipe

A sweet or savoury light bite/snack

Dinner Easy Salad or Vegetable

A Carb (rice, pasta, couscous, etc.)

A side dish like curry, stew


A one pot dish instead of the carbs and side

If you’re looking for an easy, no-thinking required meal plan that you can use whether fasting or not, this is perfect! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

Lin xx

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