Via Di Cavallo Chianti 2013

Via Di Cavallo Chianti

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A very young Chianti and a very affordable one to boot. A friend of mine brought this around for a girls’ night in very recently and I was pleasantly surprised at how drinkable it was, given the price she paid – supposedly half the price at £6 at a local major supermarket. I’m always skeptical with supermarket discounts, given the oligarchical stranglehold they have on society.

While nothing to write home about, it is quite a pleasant wine; fairly simple flavour and light to medium body, with just enough hints of cherry. Perhaps it’s this bias towards lightness that gives it that smoothness I would normally associate with a wine upwards of £20 a bottle.

100% Sangiovese blend. In the UK, available at Tesco.

If I were having a party and had to get a dozen decent bottles for a crowd, I wouldn’t hesitate getting this bottle. In other words, a pretty good table wine.

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