Christmas Pudding, a very British Christmas Dessert

Take a large mixing bowl and put the sugar, suet, breadcrumbs and spices in & mix well.

Add the dried fruit, peel, almonds, apple and lemon zest. Again, mix thoroughly.

3. Add the alcohol to the beaten egg and mix thoroughly and add this to the above. 4. Give it a good mix. Get the kids to give it a stir and make a wish (silently!). It should be a fairly sloppy mixture. Cover with clingfilm and leave overnight.

Next Day

1. Stir in the flour and mix it well.

2. Put the mixture into the greased pudding basin/s, packing it in.

3. Cover with a layer of baking paper then foil, making a flap on both, for the steam. Tie tightly with a string.

4. Steam over simmering water for 8 hours for a big pudding, 3 hours for any small ones. Don’t let the water go dry.

5. If you don’t have a steamer, use a saucepan with an inverted saucer, place the pudding on the saucer and fill it up with boiling water halfway up the pudding basin.

6. When done, let the pudding cool down completely (usually next day) and replace the parchment and foil with fresh.

7. Store in a cool, dark place, I put mine in the garage. 8. On Christmas day, steam the bigger pudding for 2 hours and the mini ones for 1.