Coriander Leaves
Coriander Leaves

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Also known as Cilantro, the fresh leaves are an ingredient in many Asian and Latin American foods. They’re also used in salads in Eastern European countries.  They have a pungent, slightly citrusy aroma.

As heat diminishes their flavor, coriander leaves are often used raw or added to the dish immediately before serving. In Indian and Central Asian recipes, coriander leaves are used in large amounts and cooked until the flavor diminishes. The leaves spoil quickly when removed from the plant, and lose their aroma when dried or frozen.

The roots of the coriander plant have a much more intense flavour and are used a lot in Thai cooking, quite often in curry pastes.

The seeds are really the dried  fruit of the coriander plant, known as dhania, in India. They have a slightly lemony, spicy flavour & are an essential ingredient in curries.

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