Persian Recipes

Persian Cuisine is one of the most magnificent, and certainly, oldest cuisines in the world. Its venerable influence is everywhere, in the Middle East, in Central Asia and via the Mughals, in India and Pakistan.

Some recipes are easily prepared, like the glorious Sholeh Zard, the Persian Saffron Rice Pudding, while others may take a little effort. I’m not a fan of cutting too many corners when it comes to traditional food, although occasionally, I do share simplified Persian recipes.

You’ll also find articles on specialist Persian ingredients to help you on your Persian adventure on this page. Go online to find these ingredients, that’s what I do for many of the “exotic” ingredients I use in my kitchen.

Some of these recipes also come with videos from my YouTube Channel.

So be sure to bookmark this Persian Recipes page, and if there’s something you don’t see, just drop me a line via email ([email protected]) for a request. I always respond to requests!

Persian Recipes

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