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Azlin Bloor

Hey folks! It’s great to see you here! Welcome to my personal website. Here’s a little bit about me.

Family and friends call me Lin, hence, LinsFood.

I’m a former chef, culinary instructor and food blogger, with 2 decades of experience in my bag. I specialise in many cuisines, but am especially fond of South East Asian, Middle Eastern and British cooking.

I was born and raised in Singapore in a family as multicultural and multilingual as the United Nations! This cultural mix, together with years of culinary education, has given me a rare depth of knowledge and expertise in a very wide range of cuisines and cultures."

Paella cooking class

I've been living in the UK for a quarter of a 

century! Bournemouth, a seaside town

on the south coast of England,

is home to my family and me.

Asparagus and Burrata salad with Balsamic Dressing,fine dining

Cookbooks & CLASSES

With three successful cookbooks to my name, including an Amazon number one bestseller, I also run a number of online cooking classes.

What Others Say


The recipes are simple, easy to achieve. Nonetheless, the explanation is clear and concise and the step by step instructions make it really easy to understand the content and feel confident enough to cook the dishes.

Elias C


Azlin has many excellent tips and tricks that make a recipe more than a recipe. Much appreciated! Will be watching for any new classes that Azlin comes up with. Hopefully she will introduce some advanced classes as well as introductory ones. She teaches with pride and professionalism. Lovely!

Rita E


Azlin Bloor's flavorful recipes, along with her explanations of ingredients, substitutions, and snippets of history opened up the wonderful world of Singaporean food right in my very own kitchen. I highly recommend this cookbook. The title says it all.

Kim B

And I take Beautiful Food Pictures too!

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