Curry Leaf Plant

Curry Leaf Plant

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Here’s a quick YouTube video where I talk about it.

Another important member of the kitchen herb family is the Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya koenigii), not to be confused with the awful curry plant found in our garden centres! Small, dark green and shiny, these are the leaves of the Murraya Koenigii tree, also called Neem leaves in India but vastly different from actual Neem leaves.

They are usually flash fried in hot oil and used to add a final flavour to many South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. The flavour is hard to describe, nothing like curry, for starters; a little woody, spicy, maybe even with a hint of mustard.

Substitute for Curry Leaves

Absolutely none. You can use an alternative herb to add aroma to your dish.

Here, on LinsFood, they are used in:

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