Traditional Mobile Ice Cream Vendor, Singapore

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This chap is one of many vendors who sells the much loved Singaporean ice cream sandwich; scoops of flavoured ice cream wrapped up in rainbow coloured bread.

Mobile Ice cream Vendor Singapore

Confession time: I never liked it as a child and cannot imagine liking it now! _But_ the rest of the island and its countless expatriates and tourists seem to!

Surprisingly, rather than dying out in ultra modern Singapore, these guys seem to be multiplying, especially in busy, touristy areas.

The whole set up consists of a bike and sidecar thingy that’s equipped with a massive cold box to store the various ice creams. Flavours range from the plain old vanilla to chocolate to durian. Around the ice cream storage itself, as you can see from the picture, you’ll find all the bread, biscuits and wafers that make up the rest of the ice cream sandwich.

Incidentally, what you see behind him is the Singapore river, with a partially hidden Marina Bay Sands on the right.

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