Salé Medina, Morocco, in pictures

Sale Medina Morocco

In Arabic, the word medina (مدينة‎) means town or city and refers to the walled off part of the old town in North African countries that are characterised by narrow streets.

See that very high brick wall in the image above? It goes around the whole little old town. Behind the brick wall, is the souk, or the market, where locals go about their everyday business, buying and selling.

Spice seller in Souk

You’ll find all sorts of goods for sale, from fresh foods, cooked food to dried stuff. Then there are the homewares: carpets, beautiful crockery and cookware. Everytime I go to Morocco, I make sure I have an empty suitcase to fill up with all the beautiful Moroccan trays, plates, coffee pots and glasses. And that’s just for starters!

In the picture below, you see the local waterseller! This brightly dressed chap and his similarly attired friends sell water in those golden cups. If truth be told, it’s another form of begging or touting as they’re trying to convince you to part with your money for a photo.

He was asking for 10 MAD (Moroccan Dirham) for the photo, and as much as I dislike and discourage beggars, I could not begrudge him the 70 pence and happily parted with it for this shot.

Water seller in Rabar Medina

The souks in Morocco also have many stalls selling clothing and footwear. Moroccans love their fleecy wear come cool weather! And the shoe shops sell anything from traditional babouches to running shoes and stylish high boots!

One of my favourite things to buy in Morocco is the fresh fruit. The oranges and the strawberry tree fruit are just amazing!

PS: If you’re looking for recipes, head on over to my Middle Eastern and North African page.

Below, you’ll find a collection of photos from my last trip to the Salé Medina in Morocco.

11 thoughts on “Salé Medina, Morocco, in pictures”

  1. I spent a good few years as a child in Morocco while my dad was doing his research for Fulbright, so seeing these pictures and reading the recipes makes me feel like I’m home in Ifrane again, or visiting Rabat. ❤❤❤ Thanks for the lovely, authentic posts and recipes.

    1. Hi Beth, what a wonderful memory that must be for you! And thank you for the kind words.
      This was the first time my kids had been, and it was a real treat seeing them experience all the things I enjoy. Morocco is their favourite country to visit, apart from Singapore and Malaysia, where we have family.

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