Top Tasty Coffee Drinks That Will Blow Your Mind

Bicerin (Turin's Coffee & Hot Chocolate Drink)
So many types of coffee, so little time!

Remember the Dalgona coffee trend that blew up a few years ago? Most enthusiasts scoffed at the idea because it used instant stuff. At least it’s caffeinated, right? But the real beauty lies within the versatility of coffee.

Whether you want it French-pressed, cold-brewed, or dark-roasted, the choices are endless. So for those looking to expand their palettes and dabble in new flavors, keep on reading because we’ve ranked the crème de la crème of javas.

Caramel Macchiato

This one’s basic but popular for a reason. Nothing beats a vanilla-flavoured coffee drizzled with caramel sauce. It’s simple and delicious. And it’s even better when the sides are loaded with caramel.

The only way to one-up this marvellous creation would be to add salted caramel, but that’s usually best left on top. And how satisfying is it to stir the sauce and watch it melt? This one is a daily go-to!

salted caramel is always good!


Pronounced ‘bonbon’, this drink originates from Valencia, Spain, and translates to confection. It combines equal parts espresso and sweetened condensed milk; usually a 1:1 ratio depending on the serving size. But it’s also found in some parts of Asia with different countries putting their own spin on it. It’s usually served in a clear glass to show the layers of milk and coffee. The proper way to drink it is by stirring lightly with each sip so as to not mix it completely. It’s aesthetically pleasing and delicious!

French Vanilla Latte

So what makes French vanilla different from regular vanilla anyway? Well, the scrumptious, floral taste comes from its cultivation in France. Think of it as a bougier version. The secret lies within flavouring the creamer. To accentuate their French Vanilla lattes, Dunkin Donuts coffee adds toasted almond shots for the optimum taste. This makes sense because the almond extract is used in a lot of baking recipes (albeit mild). Nothing beats classic vanilla!


Also known as affogato al caffe or “drowned in coffee”, this drink will take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster. It’s composed of vanilla ice cream scoops (or any ice cream of choice) and topped with espresso. There’s a bittersweet contrast in flavor that can be balanced out when stirred. You can also eat the espresso-smothered ice cream to experience the hot and cold sensation.

Affogato Italian Coffee and Gelato Dessert
Affogato al Caffe

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha

Although this is a holiday drink, if you have the ingredients at home, you can make it any time of year. The base starts off with a shot of espresso and milk. Then, as the name suggests, white chocolate sauce and peppermint syrup are added. This warm and cozy drink is a staple in the wintertime. It’s sweet, creamy, and invigorating!

Some like their coffee plain and some like it with additives. And that’s what’s great; you can customize it to your own preference. So if you’re not a traditionalist, and looking to venture into the world of coffee, there are plenty of options to choose from. And to help with that, you have our top-rated list of the tastiest cup of joes. 

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