Limoncello Margarita (a Limoncello Cocktail)

Limoncello margarita is a lemony, Italian take on that classic, sexy cocktail! Only on LinsFood!

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Limoncello Margarita

This is a post that is long overdue, something I’ve promised the many, many visitors to the Limoncello post – an actual limoncello cocktail post! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What is Limoncello?

Click here to read more and for the homemade recipe.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur, made with steeping lemon peel in grain alcohol (or vodka, as a subsitute).

It is also known as limoncino and limonello, depending on which part of Italy you happen to be in. While it’s popular all over the country (and elsewhere), it has its roots in Southern Italy, specifically, the Amalfi Coast, Sorento and the island of Capri.

Frozen Homemade Limoncello in shot glass, black background
Homemade Limoncello

What is Margarita?

The traditional margarita is a cocktail made with tequila, triple sec (like Cointreau), lime juice and simple syrup. It’s my favourite summer cocktail, with the possible exception of Pimm’s, that British standard, synonymous with Wimbledon.

Can you believe, at last count, I have 6 margarita recipes on this site? Today’s makes it 7! I did say I love margarita, didn’t I?

Limoncello Margarita Recipe

Today’s recipe, limoncello margarita, was an easy one in the making. There was hardly any thinking required, and no experimenting whatsoever.

The ingredients I used were a straight swap for the traditional margarita. Naturally, I kept the tequila, as I do with all our margarita recipes. Because you know what I always say,

It ain’t no margarita if it ain’t got tequila!

Besides that, the limoncello replaced the cointreau, and lemon juice replaced the lime juice; limoncello is lemon based, after all.

It really is that easy.

limoncello margarita photography, yellow cocktail photography
adjust the lemon juice to your taste

What Tequila to use in Limoncello Margarita?

So, you know there are different types of tequila, right?

  • blanco (silver) – young and freshly distilled, it isn’t aged at all. Very popular in making margaritas and cocktails.
  • joven (young) – this is a mix, and isn’t common at all. It’s essentially blanco mixed with something else, like colour or even the aged añejo
  • reposado – aged 2 months to a year in oak barrels, is golden, and has a more rounded flavour. To me, a better margarita tequila, and the one we are using here.
  • añejo – aged 1 to 3 years, is pretty smooth as best enjoyed on its own and not wasted in cocktails.
  • extra añejo – for true tequila afficionados, this is any tequila that’s been aged more than 3 years. A pretty dark tequila and super smooth.

So we are using Reposado Tequila in our Limoncello Margarita. No need to break the bank here, just get one that you can stomach on its own and is in your budget.

Make your own limoncello or use a shop bought one.

If you fancy a delicious project this summer (or when lemons are season), make your own limoncello. I have a post on that, and it’s probably the most comprehensive article on limoncello you’ll ever come across. So if you are that way inclined, you’ll enjoy reading it, then hopefully, making it!

Alcohol Content (abv) in Limoncello

Homemade limoncello is going to be more potent than the shop bought variety. This is because we always strive for a minimum 30% abv, so that we can place our limoncello in the freezer without the risk of freezing; as limoncello is best when drunk neat, straight out of the freezer. You can read more on the limoncello post.

Shop bought limoncello, in my exerience, tends to be less than 30% abv, at least here in the UK, at any rate. So be aware of this when serving and drinking our limoncello margarita, as it can be potent stuff.

Right then, I think we’ve covered everything. Shall we go see how easy it is to make limoncello margarita?

And if you like the recipe, don’t forget to leave me a comment and that all important, 5-star rating! Thank you!

And if you make it, share it on any social medium and tag me!

Lin xx

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Limoncello Margarita (a Limoncello Cocktail)

Limoncello margarita is a lemony, Italian take on that classic, sexy cocktail, made with tequila, limoncello and lemon juice.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Italian/Mexican Fusion
Keyword: cocktails, limoncello, margarita, tequila
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories: 152kcal
Author: Azlin Bloor


  • 50 ml (2 fl oz/2 parts) tequila
  • 50 ml (2 fl oz/2 parts) limoncello
  • 25 ml (1 fl oz/1 part) lemon juice (or more, to taste)
  • simple syrup to taste recipe below
  • handful ice cubes
  • salt sprinkled on a saucer
  • lemon slices for decorating the glass/drink
  • A cocktail shaker would be great if not, just stir it all up well.

Simple Sugar Syrup

  • 200 g (1 cup) white sugar
  • 125 ml (½ cup) water


  • Run a lemon slice all around the rim of your glass.
  • Dip the glass rim into the salt, coating well.
  • Add the required amounts of tequila, limoncello, lemon juice and syrup into your shaker with about half a dozen ice cubes.
  • Shake it all up really well.
  • Taste, add more sugar and/or lemon juice if you think it needs it.
  • Pour the margarita, minus the ice cubes, into your prepared glass, stick a lemon slice on and sip away!

Simple Sugar Syrup

  • Place the water and sugar into a small pan and bring to a boil.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes on the lowest heat to allow the flavours to develop and the syrup to thicken.
  • Leave to cool, no need to place in the fridge.


Total time does not take into account the making of the simple syrup, which should be made, then cooled.


Calories: 152kcal | Carbohydrates: 18.5g | Sugar: 18.3g
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20 thoughts on “Limoncello Margarita (a Limoncello Cocktail)”

    1. Yes, absolutely. Make it in a jug or 2, increasing the amounts proportionately like you would a regular margarita.
      Depending on how big your jug is, make about 1/2 or 2/3 full, then top with ice. The more ice you add, the weaker it would be, obviously.

  1. hi Azlin Bloor, do you mind if i ask you question, i have 750ml of vodka with 40% ABV, and i want turn into 20% ABV and based on your formula i should put 750ml of simple syrup and made with water 375ml and sugar 375gr, is it correct? sorry my english is not good enough

    1. Hi Visco, you need 750ml of simple syrup for you to halve that 40% abv to 20%. You can’t really equate g and ml.
      In the Limoncello post, I explain how much liquid you get (measured in ml) when you melt sugar (measured in g).

      So you are right that we need 750ml simple syrup.
      Because you are reducing the final abv by half, we need quite a bit of water. I think that 375g of sugar may just be a little too sweet, so let’s go with 300g of sugar. This will give you the equivalent of 150ml of melted sugar. That means you’ll need 600ml of water to make up the 750ml.

      600ml water
      150 melted sugar (300 g sugar)
      = 750ml simple syrup

      At the end of 4 weeks, taste it and stir in a little more sugar if it’s not sweet enough.

      I hope that helps.

  2. 5 stars
    Right here is the perfect website for anyone who wishes to understand this topic.
    You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really will
    need to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been written about
    for ages. Excellent stuff, just excellent!

  3. Amanda Donahue

    5 stars
    This is fab stuff! I just made it using shop bought limoncello and am drinking now. Thank you! Planning to buy lots of lemons this weekend to make your limoncello. Thanks Lin.

  4. 5 stars
    Oooh, I love this so much! I’ve printed it and it’s stuck on the fridge. I’m going to cheat though and use shop bought limoncello. So excited can’t wait to try! Thank you!

  5. Gaby Williams

    5 stars
    Oh wow, I made your limoncello last year, and it was so amazing that I’ve just made a batch last weekend. Really excited to try this margarita, sounds so amazing!

  6. Daisy Redstone

    5 stars
    Ah, Limoncello Margarita! Does life get any better than a glass or two (or three) lazing on a chaise longue by the cooling pool, slowly simmering in the summer sun?

  7. Davina Armstrong-Jones

    5 stars
    Amazing recipe – perfect for this boiling hot weather. Going to try this out at the weekend. Phew what a scorcher!

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