Rabat Zoo, Morocco, in pictures – what an amazing day!

Rabat Zoo

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Rabat Zoo

If there’s a respectable zoo near us, you can bet your last dollar we’ll check it out! And since we’re in Morocco, in a little town called Salé, with a zoo in the next town of Rabat, well…. And I tell you, we’re glad we went to Rabat Zoo in Morocco (Jardin Zoologique de Rabat), we loved everything about it! The animals, the freedom they have, the friendly zookeepers, and so much more!

In fact, my husband prefers it to Singapore Zoo, and if you know anything about Singapore, you know that’s saying something! As you walk along the zoo, you get a feeling of “openness”, unlike the Singapore Zoo, which prides itself on being the best Rainforest Zoo and therefore has many, many trees everywhere (which I love); Rabat Zoo shows a remarkable lack of them. You do get some trees, palm of course but scattered here and there, the end result is a sense of vastness and you can see further with no “obstacles” in your way. Of course, the downside of this is you don’t get much shelter from the sun, so wear a hat!

The zoo is pretty new, I think only a couple of years old and is very well kept. The animal enclosures are all pretty generous and the animals seemed very happy and attached to the zoo keepers.

The Best Zookeeper. Ever.

Speaking of zoo keepers (and guards), I have never seen a friendlier bunch! It’s obvious that they love their work and the animals and took great pleasure in “showing off” the animals. They would come along and call out to the animals and interact with them, to give visitors a better experience. It was amazing!

Below are some of the pictures we took, I hope you enjoy them. Some of our favourite animals? Peacocks, Lemurs, Porcupines, oh all of them! The teaching farm was a huge hit with my kids too.

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Rabat Zoo

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