Witch’s Brew | an Easy Halloween Cocktail (plus Halloween Mocktail Idea)

Witch's Brew is an easy Halloween cocktail made in just 5 minutes with all shop bought ingredients.
Witch's Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail
Witch's Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail
Witch’s Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail

Witch’s Brew is a super easy, super delicious Halloween cocktail, using just 3 ingredients: prosecco, chambord and grape juice! Perfect for a crowd too!

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Easy Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween cocktail is so easy, you’ll be going,

why didn’t I think of that?

I have a client, Martha, who has an interesting and very busy lifestyle. She hates to cook but loves to entertain. So last year, Martha hosted a big Halloween party. Along with the cooking that I was doing for her, I’d been asked for a super easy 3 or 4 ingredient cocktail that she could whip up for her guests before dinner.

I knew she liked her prosecco, so I started with that, because prosecco makes a great base for all sorts of flavours. 

Then I mentally went through all the flavour possibilities: to make it punch like, with rum, apple cider, pomegranate juice or cranberry juice for the colour maybe, and on and on. I even thought about replacing the prosecco with ginger beer or ginger ale, but in the end decided to stick with the classic.

Witches Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail

Witch’s Brew Cocktail

It took 3 attempts before we settled on this one. I’d even made a simple syrup flavoured with blackberries for the exercise, but that got rejected outright as she wanted all things shop bought! So the blackberry syrup went into another Halloween cocktail that I shall blog about soon too, look out for that if you love margaritas!

Here you go: Bloody Margarita with Black Lava Salt Rim.

After trying out a few different flavours, she settled for this super easy one made with prosecco, grape juice and Chambord – all shop bought. Three ingredients that can be played with for a lighter, sweeter or stronger drink – just perfect as far as the lady was concerned.

Another good thing? You don’t need a cocktail shaker or mixing glass of any kind to make this drink, just stir the juice and Chambord and top with the fizz. If making a big portion for parties, just do it all in a jug, see below.

Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

What is Chambord?

Chambord is a blackberry and raspberry liqueur made in France. It is a delightful liqueur that smells and tastes of blackberry, nectar and citrus. All in a sexy bottle. Click here to read more.

The recipe I give you here for our witch’s brew makes one serving, enough to fill one martini glass or any cocktail glass, depending on the size.

Double or triple accordingly. If you would like this cocktail a little lighter, use the same amounts of prosecco and grape juice. The amount of Chambord we use is just enough for an added hit as well as flavour. You could double or even reduce the Chambord if you fancy, it’s just a matter of taste.

Here is my global affiliate link for Chambord on Amazon:

The Other Ingredients

So remember, only 3 ingredients for today’s Halloween cocktail. Besides the Chambord, we’ve got prosecco and grape juice.

Get any prosecco you like to drink, it really doesn’t matter how dry it is, as it’s going to be flavoured with Chambord and grape juice.

Speaking of grape juice, you definitely want the red or purple variety, purely for the colour, as we are going for dark, dark, dark. Halloween and all that.

I must confess to being very tempted to add some fresh lime juice or fresh lemon juice, just to add a little zing to this dark cocktail, but decided to keep it simple. The client liked simple.

You can garnish your final cocktail with a lime twist, lime wheel or perhaps, even better, a blackberry on a cocktail stick (or toothpick).

Kid friendly Halloween Mocktail

Leave out the alcohol altogether, so the kids can still join in the spooky fun! All you need to do is either lighten or sweeten the grape juice further with some sparkling water or lemonade (that’s what 7Up/Sprite are called in the UK).

A great drink to replace the prosecco with for a kid-friendly Halloween drink is lemon-lime soda. The zingy flavour will go very well.

Or leave out the fizz and serve the grape juice in shot glasses to make the kids feel special!

If you’re not too bothered about the sugar for the kids, (all that candy!) colour some sugar black, and coat the rim of your glasses, for both the kids and adults.

Make a large portion of Witch’s Brew

You could even make this witch’s brew in a big jug and increase all the amounts correspondingly. Turn it into a fruitier cocktail by dropping some blackberries (or other berries) in. So technically, it makes a cocktail for any time of the year, but given its dark colour, it’s perfect for Halloween, especially if you’re going for a dark look with your tablecloth, plates and napkins.

The photos you see here are of the drink I took recently, for a magazine, as well as my blog. Needless to say, the dry ice effect (the smoke) is purely theatrical and not part of the recipe! And, because I couldn’t stop myself, I had some fun with the photos on to post on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, as you can see:

Witches Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail

A Word of Advice on using Dry Ice

Dry ice is really fun to use and is a serious show stopper. But be sure to read up on all safety advice before doing so. Make sure you buy your dry ice from a reputable company selling food grade dry ice.

If you are planning to serve this Halloween cocktail up as I did here, with the smoke effect, use chillisticks, or something similar. Essentially the dry ice is contained within a straw like device. That way, you don’t run the risk of burning your lips, your throat or any other part of you!

My pictures of this witch’s brew here, are just that – pictures. I do not provide drinks with dry ice in them to my guests and do not recommend it either, for the reasons mentioned above. Unless, the dry ice is contained in chillisticks and not floating freely in your drinks.

And do not, for the love of ghouls, witches and demons, do not touch that dry ice with your bare hands!

There you go folks, a Witch’s Brew, probably my very first Halloween recipe post! Every year, I think about it but then before I know it, it’s time to go trick or treating! Let’s get a-sipping!

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Lin xx

Witch's Brew, Easy Halloween Cocktail

Witch’s Brew | an Easy Halloween Cocktail

Witch’s Brew is an easy Halloween cocktail made in just 5 minutes with all shop bought ingredients.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: British
Keyword: cocktails, halloween
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories: 190kcal
Author: Azlin Bloor


  • 125 ml prosecco
  • 60 ml purple/red grape juice
  • 30 ml Chambord

Optional Garnish

  • Blackberries on a cocktail stick


  • Mix all the liquids together and pour into your chosen cocktail glass.
  • Thread a couple of blackberries on a cocktail stick and place on the glass.


Calories: 190kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 14mg | Potassium: 172mg | Sugar: 20g | Calcium: 11mg | Iron: 1mg
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  1. Vivian Chow

    5 stars
    Oh man, this is just awesome! And thank for all that dry ice advice, I wasn’t aware of any of it. Cheers!

  2. How spooky! I would feel so cool sitting back relaxing and drinking this lol! Corny I know lol. I always wanted to make spooky drinks like this!

  3. How FUN is this?! I love prosecco so this drink is right up my broomstick! We are having a small get-together to go on a Halloween tour this year so I am going to have to mix some up for everyone to enjoy.

  4. That dry ice effect is so cool – you’ve given me ideas to use it for something of my own this holiday, it’s too good to pass up!

  5. Oh my gosh! This cocktail is perfect for Halloween gatherings. I’ve never actually worked with dry ice in the kitchen before, but this inspires me to give it a try. 😉

  6. OMG! Such an incredible idea and spooky picture! How awesome it is! I have read your information and as always it’s mind blowing, also thank you for the hints about dry ice.

  7. I love prosecco and Chambord together. I haven’t ever thought of serving it with grape juice. I guess by the time you’ve left out the alcohols for the kiddies, you have grape juice 😉 Also, thank you for the hints about dry ice for theatrics only.

  8. Saw this on my Insta feed, and had to come and see the recipe! This is really great, Thanks Azlin, will be trying it this weekend, ready for our party!

  9. Claire Gooding

    This is really amazing. I saw your post on G+ and here I am checking it out! I love how simple it is and yet can be so classy. I read with interest your information about the chillisticks. Thank you for the link to the company. I’m thinking of getting some and the dry ice for an office party I’m organising. Many thanks.

  10. Great stuff, really love the simplicity of this and I can see it being a hit with the missus and her friends. Love the dry ice effect and thanks for the advice. I’ll see if I can get hold of those chillisticks or something similar.

  11. Samantha Eggerton

    Oh my goodness, what an incredibly spooky picture! I am saving this recipe to make for our party. And, as you suggest, I’ll leave it as graoe juice for the kids. Thanks Lin!

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